So solid: Pro Metal Industries is Saskatchewan’s full-service metal fabrication and machining experts

For 36 years and counting, Pro Metal Industries has been Saskatchewan—and Western Canada’s—premier precision and custom manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication specialist. “Pro Metal got its start in 1986, becoming Regina’s first full-service metal fabricator,” says Mark Brown, the company’s president. “Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality work that we’re really proud of.”

A New Dawn

In 2015, the company would forge a new path with Pasqua First Nation. PFN Group (the economic development arm of Pasqua First Nation) was looking to diversify its portfolio of investments and saw an opportunity in the defense sector. They looked for a company that could help PFN Group move into the defense space, and Pro Metal fit the bill. “Our capabilities, longevity, and business interests were a good fit, and Pro Metal became part of the PFN Group.”

As well, PFN Group saw the opportunity that Pro Metal could offer for employment. Pro Metal’s workforce is proudly 30 per cent Indigenous with a goal to hit 50 per cent. “We walk the talk when it comes to helping Indigenous people build rewarding careers,” he says.

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