Every Child Matters Feather Project

With your continued support, from 2021 to 2023, the Feather Project collectively raised over $300,000!  The proceeds went directly to Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions to aid Indigenous students in their educational pursuits. Stay tuned for more details on the 2024 Feather Project!

Last year’s campaign, featured our new wearable lapel pin, with the same meaningful design as the 2022 feather designed by local artist, Jonas Thompson of the Cegakin First Nation.

“I designed this feather with a tenderness in my heart for the children that were forced to attend residential school. 

The various representations of their journey home to the spirit world are found in the boy and the girl, the moccasins that walked them home, the sun that guided them, and their wings that allow them to visit us here, in the earth world. 

I think it is important that we remember these children as they were, and always will be – in their traditional clothing, braided, gifted (represented with their feathers), strong, valued, and loved. We cherish our children – Gilesbie iyuhana te unhinabi. We will always cherish our children.” 

The pins were sold at a price of $15 per feather, plus shipping and a portion of the proceeds were donated to Indigenous students attending trades programs throughout Saskatchewan.


Join Us in Spreading the Message:

We invite you and our dedicated supporters to take part in our social media campaign. Share a photo of your Feather Project pin, tag Pro Metal Industries Ltd. on Facebook or LinkedIn, and use the hashtag #featherproject. Let’s unite in our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.

We appreciate your pivotal role in making the Feather Project a success. Together, we’re creating a lasting impact.

Get Your Feathers

If you have any questions or if you would like to submit a bulk order of 50 or more feathers, please reach out to us at 306-525-6710 or email reception@prometal.ca

Stay tuned for Feather Project 2024!
For those considering making a purchase this year, let’s also remember that the cause of “Every Child Matters” isn’t confined to a single day. Orange Shirt Day on September 30th is a reminder of the legacy and ongoing journey towards reconciliation. But let’s keep in mind that this cause deserves acknowledgment and action year-round. Wear your pin proudly as a daily reminder of unity and compassion.
Thank you for standing with us, and for being a part of the movement. Together, we’re making a difference that transcends time.

Artist’s Design & Interpretation