This is what economic reconciliation looks like

SUSAN NERBERG SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED OCTOBER 27, 2023 Indigenous people have been left out of Canada’s economy for too long. But our future growth—and even our ability to reach net zero goals by 2050—depends on changing that JP Gladu wants me to see the land. He turns around the camera on his […]

Pasqua First Nation and Alexander First Nation Sgin Nation to Nation Partnership Agreement

(Regina, SK) – Pasqua First Nation (PFN) and Alexander First Nation (AFN) are resurrecting the traditional trade practices of their ancestors by collaborating to expand their services and product offerings in Saskatchewan. Pro Metal Industries, owned by Pasqua First Nation will sell and distribute Alexander Valves and Supplies (AVS) in Regina, Saskatchewan. AVS, owned by […]

Our New Sign!

Fabricator, designer and welder extrodinaire, Skip Burkart conceived, designed and built the portable sign to allow Pro Metal’s entrance to be more visible Wow, do we have a talented team at Pro Metal! Thanks Skip! #metalfabrication #fabrication #PFNGroup #regina #YQR #creative #design #engineering #leadership

Five questions about manufacturing and Indigenous Peoples

A little over a year ago, Pasqua First Nation acquired Pro Metal Industries in Regina — the band’s first investment in manufacturing. Why manufacturing and why now? For starters, Saskatchewan has led Canada in manufacturing growth over the past decade, outpacing the national average more than 13 times over. Wages have kept pace as well, […]

Here’s what really drives business performance

If you were to ask a member of your team to dig a square pit — 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep — using only a spoon and measuring tape, could they? Of course they could! The real questions are: In how much time, and at what cost? The answers have little to do […]

The Myth Around Motivation

Let’s address an age-old business question: How do you motivate your people? Contrary to public opinion, the reality is simple — you can’t. First, let’s get the terminology straight so we understand each other. ‘Motivation’ is inherent to everyone. If you are ‘motivated’ to do a particular task, it means you find it enjoyable. The […]