Premier Metal Fabrication

Pro Metal Industries Ltd. is a full-service metal fabrication company providing high-quality services throughout Canada. As a 100% owned subsidiary of PFN Group of Companies and Canadian Controlled Goods Registered, we value our clients and are committed to delivering exceptional service.

Pro Metal Industries Ltd.

Pro Metal Industries, established in 1990, has been a cornerstone of metal fabrication excellence for over three decades. In December 2015, we joined the esteemed PFN Group of Companies, an integral part of Pasqua First Nation.

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, our full-service metal fabrication facility spans 32,000 square feet, proudly serving as an SME in Western Canada. Notably, we hold the distinction of being the only 100% First Nations-owned metal fabrication facility that is Controlled Goods Registered.

Our Services


From precise plate rolling to expert CNC press breaks and specialized tube rolling techniques, Pro Metal offers comprehensive fabrication services tailored to your specifications.


Our skilled welders, certified by CWB and AWS, excel in MIG and TIG welding for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper, ensuring precise and strong welds for diverse projects.

Metal Cutting

Our cutting-edge capabilities include fiber laser cutting, dual head waterjet cutting, and plasma cutting for precise and efficient metal cutting on various materials.


Explore our exceptional machining capabilities with CNC milling and live tooling lathe. Our advanced CAM software and skilled operators ensure exceptional precision and efficiency, delivering complex components tailored to your needs.

Powder Coating

Opt for the superior durability and wide range of vibrant colors offered by powder coating. Our controlled coating thickness, NACE certified painters, and rigorous quality control measures ensure high-quality finishes and unlimited color options for your products.

Emergency Response

Sage Pro Protect, a division of Pro Metal, is dedicated to innovative and proactive solutions to safeguard our fellow Canadians. Our offerings provide a comprehensive turnkey solution to protect schools, communities, and businesses. Visit our products page to learn more about our reliable solutions.


Our Industries

Military & Defence

We are proud to serve the military and defence industry, providing exceptional metal fabrication solutions that meet the stringent standards and unique requirements of this vital sector.


Our expertise in metal fabrication and machining caters to the mining industry, offering reliable and durable solutions for equipment components, structural frameworks, and specialized mining machinery.


We support the construction industry by delivering high-quality metal fabrication services, including structural steel fabrication, architectural metalwork, and custom components, ensuring durability and precision in construction projects.


We understand the unique demands of the agriculture sector, and our metal fabrication services help farmers and agricultural businesses by providing reliable solutions for equipment, machinery, and specialized components.

Oil & Gas

We offer comprehensive metal fabrication services to the oil and gas industry, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards are met for critical components, pipeline infrastructure, and equipment used in exploration, drilling, and production operations.

Other Industries

Our expertise extends beyond the mentioned sectors. We offer a diverse range of metal fabrication services to cater to various industries. Can’t find your industry listed? Click here to explore the full range of additional services we offer to meet the unique fabrication requirements of your industry.